Complete Strength Pre V2 Preworkout Review

Well holy fuck balls to this formula!

I was going to call this article, everything and the kitchen sink, because that's what's been thrown at it haha. I'm going to touch on each ingredient in Complete Strength Pre-Workout V2 and why its in here. Then give  my personal experience with using this pre workout.

I'll go ingredient by ingredient by the full 2 scoop serving.

Citrulline At 10 Grams!

There's only one other place I've ever seen 10 grams and that is Serum Code: Infl8. This is straight citrulline, not like 'citrulline malate’ - which I don't like for multitude of reasons.

Citrulline converts to Arginine, arginine will give us the raw materials to make more nitric oxide (when combined with nitric oxide synthase). 10g’s is a fucking lot, think of you standard pre having 6-8g’s of citrulline malate that’ll give you just 3-4g of actual citrulline respectively. This is 10g of straight up citrulline so mega for pumps.

Beta Alanine For Endurance

Beta alanine up next at 5g. Anyone who knows what beta alanine feels like has just said ‘oooooo in a precautions manner’ in there own head haha. Beta alanine is one ingredient known for its ‘itchy effect’ now this is most likely to be found at the top end dose at 3.2grams. Here we have 5 grams 

This is to increase levels of carnosine in the muscle that’ll act like a natural Ion buffer to buffer lactic acid, now I like 5g.

Beta alanine is shown to work up to a saturation point of 179g’s, so my motto being if you are going to take it, fucking take it at a good dose 4-6g over 4 weeks has been shown to increase carnosine by over 60%

Betaine Baby!

Betaine anhydrous up next at 5 grams. Another hefty hefty dose. A study came out about its strength effects at 2.5g (1.25g x 2 a day) so that's how much most brands put in, not here, 5g.

I talk more about its osmosis effects (drawing water into the cell) to create a hyper hydrated cell and big full pumps. It also helps convert homocysteine into methionine too.

The Classic Creatine

Creatine monohydrate (I think we are past the ‘is this going to be a good dose part’ we already know it will be) 5 grams. Creatine as well as helping with osmosis is known for its ability to help create ATP adenosine tri phosphate (3 phosphate bonds).

ATP once used looses a phosphate bond to become ADP Adenosine Di Phosphate (2 phosphate bonds) creatine Donates a phosphate bond to ADP to regenerate ATP thus increasing performance strength and dozeeeee gains bro!


For me personally one of the most low hanging fruit ingredient you can get for pumps, 5 grams of Glycersize / Hydromax is HUGE for pumps. The fullness, the roundness, 5 grams of glycersize literally changes the way my muscles look.

This is a very potent osmosis ingredient. It's actually been shown to have the potential to increase performance by up to 24%! And can increase aerobic and anaerobic performance. A Hydrated state is a happy state haha.


The water flows in the direction of tyrosine can convert to L-dopa, which then synthesises into Dopamine then dopamine becomes one of the triad of Catecholamines being norepinephrine and epinephrine. This will supply a nice flow of substrate for the potential to create some extra focus and motivation.


Which I love, I love it because its an ingredient that 1) that is so cool and beneficial 2) more doesn’t mean better. A side note to taurine, can act as a nootropic and works with glycine and GABA receptors that are known to be inhibitory receptors.

So going too Huge on this 4g+ is a tight rope when it comes to mental energy, and larger doses done necessarily out perform the lower 1-2g doses, Taurine among many things is another ingredient to increase osmosis so another Pump and performance ingredient.

Another cool thing about taurine, it has shown to work acutely so unlike beta alanine and creatine that work better over time, beneficial effects can be seen straight away. An intriguing meta analysis was done on Taurine showing its benefits! 

VASO6 For Pump

Vaso6 next 600mg (Double what 90% use). Vaso6 is a very popular patent ingredient for increase blood flow, one many many many people LOVE.

Its interactions with eNOS (mentioned in citrulline) is what makes it most intriguing towards pump based products. Don't get it twisted, this isn't some new revolutionary way we haven’t ever seen before of increasing nitric oxide, its completely legitimate way of doing so!

Caffeine at 500mg?!

Now anytime people dose caffeine up past 400mg people tend to loose their minds and want to burn someone at the stake, but I don't. Caffeine is a fantastic ingredient, it inhibits adenosine receptors, when you inhibit adenosine receptors promotes actions with other neurotransmitters / monoamines. There's a reason you all love a good cup of it to start the engine in the morning!

Some recommend (as do I personally) 4-6mg per kg bodyweight, so I am currently 114kg writing this article. To meet in the middle of 5mg per kg body weight, I'm looking at 572mg caffeine.

Now there of course are precautions and variables, don't be using this math and applying it to you straight away and get your kite blown off. You don't want to take 400mg+ to the face without thinking twice.

AstraGin® For Absorbtion

Then we have AstraGin®, by the patent owners Nuliv Science that claim that astragal has the potential to increase the absorption of citrulline by up to 45%, beta alanine by a potential 26%, and creatine by a potential 33% (numbers coming from vitro).

My experience was fantastic, exactly what I thought would happen. Well, no let me take that back, I thought it would be clumpy as fuck but it wasn’t, quite a fine powder.

Little thing I did like, (this is how petty I am) I love the new Complete Strength Pre-Workout V2 scoop. The old half moon scoop just doesn’t sit right with mem (don't ask me why, I'm weird). I like a nice shaped scoop, this scoop is way up my street haha.

Then I thought flavour and texture would be compromised from the insane dosing but it wasn’t! I had the strawberry and lime and it was delicious. Heavy initial strawberry then after hit of lime, I enjoyed it.

The pumps were full as fuck! Like legit I was full off the 2nd, 3rd set. Tingles weren’t so bad, don't know if that's because I like BA tingles or not but wasn’t too bad.

The stim is just what I like, I like I good dose of caffeine but nothing too… what I would call monoamine releasing. Nothing that's going to spike or give any Catecholamine dumps or anything.

It was smooth, big thing about this was the big huge full pumps, I went for a wee mid session and had to breath in to grab my lenny, my chest and shoulders were so full.

If you are looking for a full insanely well rounded pre, without edgy stims and you don't want anything that’ll get you completely off your box, and you can handle a good bit of caffeine 

Then this is seriously something to look at, don't take my word for it, look at the ingredients, and ask yourself is it in the range you want to see it at. Compare it to your pre now and see if yours is as well rounded. Just have a look for yourself, this doesn’t leave you to have to try it to believe. Buy Complete Strength Pre-Workout V2 and find out for yourself.

As always, if you have any more questions about this then let me know over on Instagram at @DedicatedFitnessXL, @DedicatedSupplementXL or my personal page @AskKort.

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