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A lot of things are happening at Dedicated, and have been since March. Things are non-stop here and we do our best to let you, our Dedicated family stay up to date with events through our Facebook and Instagram. I want to start doing the same right here at the Dedicated blog with greater detail.

It's no secret that Dedicated is one huge gym, right? Any other gym would be content and just settle with what they've got, but not here. We expanded into the supplement industry, creating our front of house as a sports nutrition store than sells quality supplements that work and follow the same principles as we do. That is why you won't see certain service brands here that you see at other stores.

The products must work through and through and the person at the helm making that happen is Kort, which if you guys follow us on social media know how truthful he is with his reviews and opinions of products. 

So, why is that a good thing? Because you will not find an amino spiked protein powder at Dedicated. You will not find a supplement that is nothing but caffeine and marketed as a preworkout. What you see on our shelves and the online store not only gets the job done but has been carefully selected by us to sell after being tasted and tested by us.

Whether it is a niche brand like Complete Strength, or a popular one like Glaxon, or a personal favourite like Patriot's Whey, the only reason we sell it is because it works. 

Combine that with the knowledge we have here between myself and Kort, not only can get yourself a great product but we can assist you further with any questions you have relating to fitness, muscle growth and more. 

I want to make this site the place to go to for knowledge, supplements and advice, to match that of the Dedicated gym and physical store. For that to happen, a lot of research has gone into making the site from what it once was to what it currently is. As you've already noticed, the website has gone through a huge transformation with an updated theme, new features and a merge of Dedicated Fitness XL and Dedicated Supplements XL to make one mega site!

Along with a custom theme, I have added a nutrition panel to every supplement and in text format no less to better cater to our Dedicated family who have difficulty reading so rely on screen readers. I will continue looking at ways to make this the best site it can possibly be, with the only limit being the software it is built on.

They say the sky is the limit. Well, here at Dedicated, we want to blast off into space and be the best we possibly can for you, the Dedicated family. Stay tuned, we're just getting started and more updates to come.

  • May 22, 2020
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