Dendrobium Is Back

Dendrobium, a taboo word in the industry. Why? Because years ago in Driven Sports Craze it was the plant which exerted the potent stimulant effect and was surrounded by controversy that the dendrobium blend contained a hidden ingredient. Basically many people said it was spiked.

Thius put off many brands and people using the ingredient,m which is a shame as it has some real nice effects. So it was surprising to see Nutrabolics Semtex use it. Dendrobium is used traditionally in Chinese cultures as one of the 50 key traditional herbs, Dendrobium has a vast array of bodily healthy benefits ranging from suppression of disease mutagens, damage inhibition of UV radiation, carcinogens and bacteria and protects and even helps repair pancreatic structure (in turn positively impacting insulin functioning and sensitivity). It is also a potent mood enhancer and stimulant.

Dendrobium acts as a stimulant by increasing the functionality of the central nervous system via monoamine transporter inhibition/reversal, allowing for higher concentrations of Phenylethylamine to circulate in the brain which has strong actions on epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine release for fast-acting energy and extreme increases in mental focus.

Dendrobium has a ‘feel good’ factor which is caused by its effects on dopamine release which is a key neurotransmitter involved in mood and cognition. It also helps decrease oxidative stress, delays neuromuscular fatigue and even spares muscular glycogen stores thereby increasing fatty acid usage for energy. This improves energy, reaction time, increased blood and oxygen transportation to the muscles, intense mental focus and improved body fat metabolisation.

The overall effect is nothing like Craze, so don't expect that. What you should expect and give it the chance over, is a smooth feel good energy that helps focus and can help weight loss.

  • Jun 12, 2020
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