Interview With Complete Strength Rob Whitfield

Today I am joined by Complete Strength owner, Rob Whitfield. For those not in the know, Complete Strength is a UK brand that is really growing here at Dedicated thanks to PreV2.

DINO: Hi Rob, Thank you for joining me today.

ROB: Hi Dino, Thanks for having me.

DINO: Let's get to it! Complete Strength is already a fast rising brand at Dedicated. With so many brands in the industry, what was the driving force that gave birth to Complete Strength? Did you feel there was something missing in the UK industry?

ROB: I didn’t feel there was anything missing per day. There are some awesome pre workouts out there. I just felt there was nothing under the £30 range really worth getting. £30 is a tipping point for most customers as it’s under that £1 a serving mark.

So we attempted to make the best product possible for under £30.
PreV2 was actually the third attempt at that. The originally Pre was a little disappointing if I’m honest as we were mis-sold certain things by the manufacturer, example we were given glyercol monostearate rather than GlycerSize, and BCAA rather than EAAs.

The second version was better, but again we looked for some criticism and swapped a Citrulline Malate for a straight Citrulline and added in 300mg of VASO6 per serving. So, after the third attempt (although it’s called PreV2) I think we really nailed it for a product not just under £30 but a pre workout in general.

DINO: With the original Pre, you build a strong following. You mentioned being mis-sold some raws, so your original Pre wasn't the formula you had planned to make. Obviously the changes were apparent on the label. Besides this, what lead to the reformulation. I see you no longer went with BCAA or EAAs this time around. Was the end goal of PreV2 to deliver a different effect or did the product ethos stay the same?

ROB: The original pre was good we know was actually the second attempt as per above.
The original pre was good. BUT we didn’t just want to be good we wanted to be great.

It missed something. That something in my opinion was the use of a straight Citrulline rather than a malate form. We seeked out criticism on the product which is something I’ve always tried to do. Upon that we added 2 ingredients to take it from good to great. Which was Citrulline and VASO6. I do believe those 2 ingredients helped take the product up a notch. But as a company we are always trying to improve so if something new does come out we will certainly not be scared to bring out a PreV3.

DINO: There are so many trademarked and patented ingredients out there. What made you choose Vaso6, GlycerSize and Astragin?

ROB: Two of these (Glycersize and AstraGin) have become staples on a lot of pre workouts these days. They are awesome ingredients back by good hard science.

VASO6 I think is such an underrated and under used ingredient. Seeing the review on its ability for vasodilation are credit. Although I’m easily sold to, this ingredient was a no brainer for me and something I think you will see more and more over the coming years.

DINO: As you said, there are so many pres out there already using two of the ingredients. What makes Pre V2 the go to pre in your opinion?

ROB: I think it’s a product with a great panel which is affordable to everyone.
As above I do think the £1 a serving bracket is very important for a lot of consumers and as people become more and more educated on products you need to be able to have a product which stacks up against anything on the market regardless of price and I feel PreV2 does that. We also have a great team of athlete as well who promote the product and the brand incredibly well too.

DINO: Many brands go through a rebrand, with a different look to their products. The original branding had a street look to it with the graffiti/marker style. Now you have this almost industrial style futuristic font. What caused the change?

ROB: Advise from someone who knows the supplements industry better than me.
As with the product itself the labelling was swapped after some constructive criticism.
I was lucky enough to speak to the owner of a larger distributor called Prolife who gave me some advice on the labelling. So, we swapped things over.

DINO. The big thing in right now with supplements is limited edition flavours or ones with a change of ingredients. Do you plan on doing any limited edition versions of PreV2?

ROB: No this isn’t something we have planned to do. It actually took us 3-4 different attempts to get each flavour right. So, if we did a limited edition flavour, I feel it would just take too long to get right and then come to market.

DINO: With the creation of more great products in your line up, such as Health Aid, what is next for Complete Strength? Has the direction changed since COVID-19?

ROB: No, it hasn’t changed the direction. The health aid is aimed more at the enhanced market.
Being an ex-bodybuilder I know how many tablets someone has to take to order to stay “healthy” while on cycle. When I was competing, it was 10-12 tabs a day which no one really wants to do, and because of that you sometimes end up not taking the tablets. So, we created a one a day drink which will cover all basics.

In terms of new products, there are a few different flavours of Whey/Isolate coming out in the coming months which are really nice. We also have a thyroid aid coming out called Re Thyroid, which we are looking forward to releasing. This should be out in September.

We are also working on a product to help support healthy menstrual cycles, which contains vitamins B, C, D and E, zinc, magnesium, red raspberry extract, shatavari, maca and myo-inositol & d-chiro inositol.

DINO: Re Thyroid sounds exciting, and I look forward to seeing the release of the new products. Thank you for your answers Rob, have a good day.

ROB: Thank you for your time.

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