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Merica Labz UK - Land of the red white and blue, home of the brave and... Patriot's Whey!

This isn't going to be a Patriot's Whey review per say, more of an FYI, this protein kicks major a$$. Straight off the bat let's talk flavours. After all taste is what most of continue to use different protein powders for instead of just sticking to the same thing. How good does Patriot's Whey Lucky Charms sound? What about the mysterious sounding Patriot's Whey Fortuitous Keepsakes? Is it a fruit flavour? The only way to really know yourself is to try it. Patriot's Whey's flavours carry on the flavouring gimmick the other Merica Labz products use, keeping things sounding cool. But, we can vouch they don't just sound good, they taste good good. My favourite so far has to be Patriot's Whey Double Stuffed, which is like an Oreo / Cookies and Cream flavour, which by the way, REAL cookie pieces! It just hits the spot for me when I am craving something sweet.

Merica Labz Patriots Whey protein

Now how about the look? Tub aside (one of the best branding in the industry), let's crack open that lip, pop out a scoop and I'll let you judge yourself how good this looks...

Looks aside, lets get down and gritty now and check out these macros. The first thing people notice when they take out a scoop is the sheer size of it, no 28-30g servings here. Patriot's Whey delivers 37-38g of muscle building power and only 143 calories which is low when you consider there are 30g scoop whey products with 130 calories.

Merica Labz Patriots Whey label

Every serving of Patriot's Whey provides your muscles with 25g of cold-processed microfiltered whey protein concentrate. This filtration process allows for many essential nutrients and immune factors to remain intact, while keeping the protein content high. It is important to keep these protein fractions protein fractions such as immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides intact, especially over long term use. Yeah you want high protein but you want to stay as healthy as possible too. This is especially true in concentrates (due to the higher fat content too) over isolates. Unless you suffer from lactose intolerance or coming up to a contest prep where you want to keep the protein to calorie ratio as high as possible, there is no health reason to use an isolate over a concentrate.

Also, see the keyword cold-processed? This ensures the protein doesn't get denatured during the manufacturing process. Have you ever had a cheap protein that just messed up your stomach? Chances are that it was heat treated as it causes stomach discomfort.

Then you have the natural occurring amino acids which is pretty on point for a concentrate, with over 2.5g per serving of the anabolic amino acid L-Leucine and the other two BCAA L-Valine at 1.37 and L-Isoleucine at 1.34, making the BCAA ratio pretty damn close to the 2:1:1 everyone seems to love.

Looking at the label you will get those nitty pickers screaming at me right now "but it has 2.5g of sugar!!!!". Ok calm down there Karen, that's half a teaspoon which is a heck of a lot less than that Starbucks coffee to buy yourself as a treat because you got out of bed this morning. Congrats. Now back to the article...

Do one scoop post workout and a tub of Patriot's Whey is going to last you over 8 weeks. Is is a long time? Yeah. Is it the most servings in a tub you can get? No, but then if you want to put yourself through 70 servings of something like Gold Standard Whey because the internet from 2006 said so, who am I to judge what form of torture you enjoy. I'll stick to something that's drinkable. Why? Because it's the American.... wait for it... whey! Patriot's Whey baby.

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