Redcon1 Enters The Gaming Category With War Games

This week released info that Redcon1 is entering the gaming category with a new supplement called War Games. The last few years this category has really been growing, with brands like MAN Sports with their BrainBridge, Brain Gains with Switch On, and even ones launching solely for gaming such as G-Fuel. These brands have even started sponsoring eSports and professional gamers, a far cry from the usual fitness and bodybuilding athletes supplement brands take on board.

Not much information has been revealed about Redcon1 War Games. All we know is its name, look (which may change, brands often do tweaks before coming to market). The label is pretty cool, having this neon light look, a kind of Stranger Things style with the red outline. The artwork reminds me of the Battlefield and Splinter Cell gaming franchises and they really stick out being red and blue. The distorted look (the way the Redcon1 bends left) I'm not a fan off though. Maybe they're going for a glitch like effect? Either way, its not aesthetically pleasing on the mockup. As I said earlier, the look might change.

Redcon1 War Games will be 30 servings and each scoop will be 14.7g. That leaves plenty of room for a kickass formula, especially when we have seen other brands nail it using smaller serving sizes. It will be coming in at least one flavour named 'Unicorn Blood'.

That is where I really hope Redcon1 nail this. I don't use many of the gaming supplements but that is because most are nothing more but powdered caffeine. It is very hard to say when it comes to Redcon1. They have some great formulas like Fade Out, but also some really terrible ones like Mental Trigger.

I want to see a choline source, preferably (citicoline or alpha GPC), caffeine of some kind, B vitamins, something to increase dopamine, and eye support like lutein or similar. This will be dropping soon and I hope it enters the UK market. If it does, you know where to come for it, right here at Dedicated!

  • Jun 22, 2020
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