The NEW Mezzanine Floor

You've seen the videos over the last month or so of our new custom built mezzanine floor being constructed. It is now finished in terms of the foundation structure and the sight has to be seen to be truly appreciated. It is a phenomenal feature for the gym and will take our classes and PT sessions to a new level seldom reached by others.

The gym matting and rails are next on the agenda and the fresh new paint job is happening right now as I type this. Overlooking the entire gym from on top will be our cardio machines. At the back you will find our state of the art PT rooms, the elite level HIT room, and our custom built MMA octagon cage! 

People were initially worried over the headroom on top of the new mezzanine floor, but we had plans for this already. So we raised the beams and strengthened them too. Everything can't be done at once, you just have to be patient until the project is complete. You will not be disappointed!

To run you through the layout, here is Kort from our Instagram post last week to walk you through.


  • May 25, 2020
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