Dedicated fitness started in 2012 by one single man with one single dream.

To have the best Gym in the UK and supply the finest supplements money can buy. As most dreams start, it started small, a small studio with just enough machines to get you through a workout and a small supplement shop to supply his own members.

On 28th October 2014 The owner of Dedicated Fitness set his next dream in motion with sights on a 14'000 sqft unit claiming a 'ultimate bodybuilding gym' with 'over 120 plate loaded machines'. A gym big enough to almost match the aspirations of Shaun himself. Like most things that comes out of the owners mouth here at Dedicated, that dream became a reality.

Dedicated Fitness XL gym in Huyton.

That 14'000 sqft gym in Huyton, Liverpool became the new home to over 120 new plate loaded machines to become the ultimate body building gym called Dedicated Fitness XL.

As always Shaun was not finished there 
on the 10th of August 2017 another Dream was created and put to the world of social media, To be the first Fully equipped Watson gym, and again as all things here at Dedicated fitness XL that became reality on the 18th of November 2018.

That small dream in a small studio had officially became The Worlds biggest fully equipped Watson gym that not only held the biggest Dumbbell rack in the world, it also held the promise and the sheer grit and determination that had been shown from day 1 and is still shown daily from Shaun and the fantastic Team around him here at Dedicated.

Shaun did not stop himself there, Shaun did not forget about the dream to not only have the best gym in the UK, but to supply the best supplements to the UK Among the Phenomenal family like team Shaun had created from cleaners to till staff and also to his own fantastic in-house social media team Headed by Phil Skeggs. He also made the steps to hire the man you see on Dedicated Supplements XL instagram,  Ask Kort, to bring you the knowledge behind every product and every ingredient we sell here at Dedicated, to provide you the best service possible.

So welcome to the most current step from that one mans Dream back in 2012. Welcome to Dedicated Supplements XL.