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Origin Black Rubber Bumper Plates

The Origin Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates are incredibly popular within the range and are suitable for use in all free weights and weightlifting environments.

The rubber material reduces impact and noise and are designed specifically to withstand the rigorous use of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting movements.

Most importantly for the facility or home gym owner, the steel ring coupled with the rubber material increases durability of the product, which is incredibly important with the nature in which these types of plates can and will be used in.

The diameter of all Origin Coloured Rubber Bumper plates is 450mm which means the impact will be dispersed across all discs.

  • Steel inner ring means Coloured Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates slide on and off bars effortlessly
  • Steel ring protects rubber increasing durability
  • Vibrant colour scheme making the weight plate range both attractive and easy for the user to look across the gym and spot the plates they’re looking for
  • 450mm diameter
  • Rubber Material reduces impact and noise
Manufacturer Origin Fitness
Condition Used
Diameter 450mm for all
Materials High Grade Rubber with Steel Inserts
Finish Rubber
Construction Poured Rubber
Collar Opening 50.4mm ± 0.1mm
Shore Hardness 85 Shore A
Weight Tolerance ±1% of claimed weight
Thickness 5kg: 25mm
10kg: 38mm
15kg: 57mm
20kg: 70mm
25kg: 95mm
Insert Diameter 50mm for all